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Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp

Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp

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Electric Mosquito Killer :

  • A powerful and portable solution to rid your living spaces of mosquitoes, flies, and gnats. Say goodbye to annoying bugs with this high-voltage electric bug zapper that ensures a bug-free environment.
  • This compact, careful, and nearly silent bug-zapping device is exclusively designed for indoor use, guaranteeing a peaceful and bug-free home life.

Eco-Friendly :

  • What sets this bug zapper apart is its chemical-free approach to bug elimination. Bid farewell to harmful chemicals as this bug zapper utilizes physical means for quick, peaceful, and effective bug control.
  • Its safe operation makes it suitable for use around kids and pets, prioritizing the well-being of you and your family.

Equipped with 6 high-power purple LEDs :

  • This bug zapper is strategically designed to attract mosquitoes. Harnessing the habits of mosquitoes, the purple LEDs release ultraviolet light waves at approximately 368nm, luring mosquitoes towards the electric net where they meet their demise.

Easy to Use :

  • Just plug in the device, press the button, and let it work its magic as a bug and mosquito trap.
  • Enjoy a noise-free operation that makes it suitable for various settings, including homes, hospitals, kitchens, and warehouses.

Product Name:
Electronic LED Mosquito Killer Machine trap lamp With USB

Package Contains: It has 1 Piece of Mosquito Killer Machine Trap lamp

Material: Plastic ABS

Color: As Per Availability

Weight: 400gm

Additional Information: Ideal for home, hotel, office, garden, yard and any places to kill insects No poisons, No smell, No harmful chemicals, cleanliness and health Designed high voltage will kill the insects, but not dangerous to people.

Low power consumption,high performance of the anti-mosquito For each living room, bed room, kitchen, balcony, chicken farm This LED light can effectively attract mosquitoes and small flying gnats and instantly kill them when insects make contact with the electrically charged metal grid. Low power consumption.

Purple Soft lighting can be also used as a night light. Simply remove the outer plastic shell with screwdriver and discard dead mosquitoes or gnats. Great for places where pesticides can't be sprayed like home, hospital. hotel, restaurant, school, park.

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